The Success of every Vision is Always achieved by a Team Effort

JoY Music Productions (JMP) is a team of three visionary composers, producers and sound engineers who share the same vision of making music that leaves a healing mark in people’s souls. It could be argued that every musician is supposed to do this but then, when you work in studio or you receive tracks recorded somewhere else or you talk over the phone from different countries with other musicians, you unmistakeably know if you are dealing with a fellow musician who is committed to giving goosebumps to the listener or if you are simply dealing with a musician who is just very fluent on the mechanics of making music for a distracted, easy-to-please market. There is no judgement here, just different vision and goals. Massimo and Carlo bring to JMP the soul and the oustanding knowledge necessary to deliver the most sincere and refined musical message straight to people’s hearts. It is an enormous priviledge for me to work with Massimo and Carlo in our mission to make some memorable, high quality music.
— Giorgio Piovan, Founder of Joy Music Productions

Massimo zennaro, a.k.a. zen

Composer, Producer and Sound Engineer. Massimo is one of the most versatile and innovative sound designers around, combining his passion for synthesizers with his interest on synesthesia in relation to sounds, music and visuals. There is not such a thing as a sound that Massimo does not know how to create or a production/mixing technique that Massimo is not familiar with. 

carlo montagnèr

Composer, Producer and Sound Engineer. Carlo comes from a deep classical background and has the last call when it comes to decide if  a particular choice of harmonies or arrangements will make it to the final cut. In this regard he acts as the producer who double-checks that everything sits in the right place and that the good ideas are developed to their full potential. He is an invaluable asset in bringing confidence that everybody is doing a great job.

giorgio piovan, a.k.a. loonaverse

Composer, Producer and Sound Engineer. Giorgio loves synthesizers, just like Massimo, but he has a more wild approach to sound designing... From Giorgio you can expect a weird sound, a weird compositional passage or chord progression that have the potential of becoming a masterpiece when refined by Massimo and supervised by Carlo. Giorgio considers himself a pure raw creator and, in addition to making music, has a side career as an inventor.