Since 2010, JoY Music Studio (JMS) has been operating as a private studio for Owner/Composer/Producer/Sound Engineer Giorgio Piovan (Cassandra Wilson's "Another Country", MTV's "The Hard Times of RJ Berger", Fabrizio Sotti's "Through My Eyes" and "Inner Dance", films "Father's Day" (2017), "Second Skin" and "The World At Night").  Only since February 2017 did Giorgio decide to open JMS to the public.  His mission has been to serve the large and uber-talented community of indie musicians in Los Angeles.  Giorgio feels that these musicians are always in need of a top-quality, affordable recording studio, where they can spend time not only for the final recording, but even more importantly, for the prior stages of writing, pre-production and production.  

At JMS, everything is optimized for the writing, pre-production, production, recording and mixing of electronic music, synth-pop, R&B and all other genres not requiring the recording of a live drum set or large ensembles.  Should it be necessary for a project to record a live drum set and/or large ensembles of orchestral instruments--or to do anything else, including the final mastering--JMS has you covered with a prestigious network of Partners operating in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City and Milan, Italy.  (You can check out JMS's Affiliate Music Studios on our "Partners" page.)

 JMS and its Partners can take care of virtually any request and offer extreme flexibility and scalability in terms of pricing and solutions, ranging from simple voiceover, writing and pre-production sessions to full-blown projects.  By starting "small" and "on a limited budget", any project can gradually be scaled up and funneled into a powerful--but otherwise difficult-to-access--pipeline of top professionals.

JMS, besides being a recording studio open to the public for rent, is the headquarter of JoY Music Productions, a Music Production Company operated by  Composer/Producer/Engineer Giorgio Piovan, Massimo Zennaro and Carlo Montagnèr. JoY Music Productions , in addition to JMS in Los Angeles, also operates out of Massimo Zennaro's and Carlo Montagnèr's personal recording studios in Jesolo, Italy. 

What has always intrigued me, about music producer Giorgio Piovan, is the way he uses technology at the service of creativity. It takes deep knowledge and a great ear to do that!
— Fabrizio Sotti, Sotti Entertainment, NYC (Producer for Grammy-winning Artist Cassandra Wilson; world-renowned jazz guitarist)
I’ve known Giorgio for a long time. In addition to being a great professional and a very knowledgeable one he is also a very inspiring person, as a musician and as a human being
— Bob Benozzo, Altavox, Milan-Italy (Latin Grammy-winning Music Producer)


  • A very cozy and inspiring environment where Creativity is naturally and privately promoted and enhanced.

  • Located in the heart of historical Downtown LA--in the center of a dynamic and creative neighborhood--convenient to restaurants, museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes, etc.

  • Perfect environment for writing, pre-production, production, recording, post-production and mixing. JMS is set up to record vocals, guitars, acoustic string instruments; it is NOT set up to record drums.

  • Flexible schedule that can be stretched to 24/7 when necessary. The Spring Arts Tower--where JMS is located--has 24/7 access and security.

  • World-class equipment for production, recording, editing and mixing.

  • World-class analog synthesizers, such as Minimoog Model D, Moog Minitaur, Prophet 6, Prophet 12, Pro 2, Subsequent 37, Tempest, Arturia Matrixbrute and more. A comprehensive Roland AIRA system is also available, comprising System 1m, System 8, TR-8. TB-3, MX-1. The wiring allows to connect CV in/out between analog hardware synths as well as between the computer (NI Reaktor Blocks, etc) and hardware synths.

  • Affiliation to a network of world-class producers, engineers, session musicians, recording and mastering studios as well as record labels. Our business model is designed to open the door to the best professionals and structures for indie acts that operate on a tight budget. We nurture projects towards achieving their maximum potential, going through the same steps that acts signed with major labels go through.

Hardware: Computer, Audio Interface, Preamps, Converters

  • 8 core MacPro 2.26 GHz, 48GB RAM, 1T SSD, 4x3T internal 7200RPM Enterprise Drives
  • Graphic: ATI Radeon 5770 driving 3 screen monitors
  • 2x UAD-2 Quad PCI cards
  • RME Fireface 800
  • UA Apollo Twin Duo Thunderbolt
  • UA Apollo Silver Quad Thunderbolt
  • Apogee Big Ben Master Clock
  • 2x Apogee Trak2 for A/D and D/A conversion and Studio Digital Hub plus 4 Channels of reference pristine quality Solid State Preamps
  • 2x UA 4-710d
  • UA 6176
  • UA LA 610 MKII
  • Presonus Central Station
  • Eventide H9000


  • KRK 7000B modified with Focal Tc120td5 20mm Tioxid Dome Tweeter, driven by NAD C272 Stereo Power Amplifier
  • NS-10M Studio driven by NAD 2155 Stereo Power Amplifier modified for smoother highs and better transients response
  • KRK 10S Subwoofer
  • Sony SRS-Z1


  • Logic Pro X, Ableton Live Suite 10 + Push, Pro Tools HD 11.3.2, Harrison Mixbus 32C

Production, Editing & Mixing Software

  • Large selection of UAD-2 plug-ins
  • Waves Platinum
  • All Izotope, including RX Advanced
  • Celemony Melodyne 4 Studio
  • NI Komplete 12 Ultimate (with Komplete Kontrol S61mk2 and Machine mk3), Arturia V6-Collection and a very extensive collection of soft-synths and effects that would make the list too long to read


  • Neumann U87
  • 2x Neumann KM 184
  • AKG 414 TLBII
  • Michael Joly Hulk 990
  • 2x Michael Joly Oktava MK-012
  • Shure VP-88
  • Royer SF12
  • Earthworks M50
  • 2x Shure SM57
  • Shure SM58

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