New Gear Being Acquired at JMS!

The decision has been made to implement Modular Synths here at JMS.  We are envisioning a wall of Modular Euroracks and are evaluating what is the right start for building a good system. It seems like some Moog stuff will have its place--for sure the Mother 32 and possibly the Model 15--but Giorgio is also very interested in the Roland Systems 1, 8, 500, which sound great and have some unique and interesting features, as well as the made in Italy A4 from GRP... Stay tuned!

Vice Milk is in production at full speed @ JoY Music Studio!

The Los Angeles based uber-talented, multi-instrumentalist Vice Milk is working on a bunch of new tracks at JMS.  Vice Milk, ex-drummer of Seven Lions, is completely in love with the Tempest and Prophet 6, and these two instruments will provide the core sounds for his remaining tracks.  Giorgio Piovan is currently working as producer, sound designer and engineer on Vice Milk's debut CD.